Making broken link debugging easier

Posted on November 7th, 20191 min read

If you work with websites, you've most certainly had to deal with broken links. Maybe you forgot to add a page to your newly-redesigned site or changed the format of your URLs, and now you have a link that goes nowhere hidden deep down in your pages.

Until now, Sitesauce silently skipped broken pages in order to continue building your site (it's better to miss a page than your whole site, right?) and only logged the errors on my staging environment. After using this logging feature to analyze my own sites, I decided to open it up to every Sitesauce user.

Starting today, we'll email you if we detect any broken links when building your static site. We also include a link to the page where we found your broken link, so you instantly know where to go. Of course, there's also a way to disable these emails if you want to.

Here's how the email looks like
Here's how the email looks like

We can't build pages that aren't there, but we're now doing our best to give you all the tools you need to fix them.