One click solution to turn your dynamically-generated website static

Sitesauce converts your dynamic websites into static sites and keeps them in sync, so you can keep your existing workflow while enjoying all the benefits static sites provide.

What do I get?

Sitesauce generates a static version of your website. Let's explore some of the benefits of this approach.

Minimized Costs

Instead of buying expensive servers to handle enormous load, Sitesauce hosts your static sites on Netlify or Zeit, making your server bill $0 in most cases.

Nearly-instant loading times

Static sites don't need to fetch content from a database or perform expensive calculations, making them noticeably faster than dynamic sites.

Infinite scaling

One million visitors on your website? No problem! Static sites can handle that volume and more without breaking a sweat.

Unbreakable Security

Static sites don't interact with any kind of backend or database, so there's no way an external attacker can steal or modify your data through your site.

Time-capsule deployments

Sitesauce backups each deployment forever, making going back to how your website looked six months ago as simple as pressing a button.

Automatic synchronization

Sitesauce will make sure your static site is always updated, generating a new version every time you change anything on the original site.

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How does it work?

Switch your site to Sitesauce in three easy steps.

1. Add your site

Login to sitesauce and add a new site. From there Sitesauce will automatically add your site to Netlify or Zeit and start building the first deployment. As easy as that.

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2. Configure the integration

Configure your backend to notify Sitesauce when your content changes. Install a plugin on your backend or configure time-based deploys from your Sitesauce dashboard. Boom, done.

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3. Configure your domain (optional)

Login into your Netlify or Zeit accounts and search for the site Sitesauce just created. In the settings tab, you'll be able to connect a domain to the site.

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Dead simple pricing

Billed Monthly Billed Annually
An affordable plan that gives you access to everything.
What's included
  • Unlimited sites
  • Unlimited deployments
  • Deploy to Netlify or Zeit
  • Premium Support
  • & more coming soon!

Price does not include your Netlify or Zeit costs.

Ready to start saving money on servers while making your site faster?