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What's in it for me?

Enjoy all the benefits static sites provide while keeping everything good about the backend.

Minimal costs

Sitesauce hosts your static sites on Vercel, offering unlimited bandwidth and their world-class CDN for no additional cost.

Blazing-fast load times

Executing expensive operations on build and serving your sites through Vercel's world-class CDN results in semi-instantaneous page loads.

Infinite scaling

With guaranteed zero-downtime and edge regions around the world, a thousand concurrent visits load as fast as a single one.

Unbreakable Security

Without access to your backend, there's no way for anyone to steal sensitive data or deface your website.

Always Updated

New changes made on your content will automatically trigger new builds and be reflected on the static site.

Built for teams

Forget about password sharing! Your sites can be shared with your whole team for no additional cost.
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How does it work?


It took us less than a minute to launch a static version of our WordPress website. Everything just worked as you'd expect it to!

Peter Suhm, Founder of Branch


Create a site

You give us a link to your website. It's that simple.

We deploy your site

We trigger the first deployment, which generates your static site and deploys it to Vercel.

We keep your content updated

When your content changes we trigger a new deployment, which updates your static site.

Simple, no-tricks pricing

No surprises or hidden fees, ever.

Team Subscription

The Team subscription grants your entire team unlimited access to Sitesauce. You can add as many sites and deploy as many times as you want, with no cap on bandwidth or visits.

What's included

  • Unlimited Sites

  • Deploy your sites to Vercel

  • Unlimited deployments

  • Official integrations for popular CMSs

A single payment for your entire team


Schedule a call

Jump into a call with the creator of Sitesauce to get you started.

Annual pricing

Make a single payment per year and get ~15% discount.

Frequently asked questions

Does Sitesauce replace regular hosting?

Can I run Sitesauce from my development or staging environment?

Do I need to expose my backend to the internet to use Sitesauce?

While it's recommended to keep an instance of your backend running somewhere (like a subdomain), as it allows you to continue using your dashboard regularly, you can deploy locally-running sites to Sitesauce using our CLI!

This means you could have a WordPress blog on your computer, run it locally to edit some content then push it to production via Sitesauce without needing to host the backend anywhere.

How does Sitesauce detect when my content changes?

Sitesauce provides official plugins for many content managing platforms (like WordPress, Ghost or Joomla!) that automatically detect when your content changes. We also provide extensive documentation on how to integrate Sitesauce with any other platform, either via our API or using webhooks.

If your platform can't be integrated with Sitesauce through any of these options, Sitesauce also provides an option to trigger new deployments periodically.

How is using Sitesauce better than building a static site from scratch?

How is using Sitesauce better than using a Headless CMS?

If you have an existing website, migrating your theme, plugins and content can be a hard task. You'd also lose the simplicity of having an admin panel and allowing multiple users to work on your content together.

Part of this problem could be solved by having your static site pull data from your backend on build, but this brings up other problems, like having to manage two different codebases for a single website, migrating your themes over or needing to deploy to preview your content.

Sitesauce takes care of all this for you. After signing up and entering a URL, we'll generate a production-ready static version of your website and deploy it. You keep your dashboard and remove unnecessary complexity.

Will my contact forms work on my static site?

Will comment sections work work on my static site?

Will parts of the site that fetch data from the backend work on my static site?

Sitesauce recommends the use of JAMstack-friendly alternatives to this services. For example, you could move your contact forms to StaticKit or your comments to Commento.

However, there are times where the only option is to rely on your backend. For this, you can configure Sitesauce to proxy certain endpoints to your backend. You can also use this if you need to fetch some data from your backend via AJAX.

Is Sitesauce production-ready?

Are any sites currently using Sitesauce on production?

Yes! More than sites have been deployed using Sitesauce to date. Some examples include the Branch website (using WordPress as backend) and Miguel Piedrafita's personal website (using Ghost as backend) alongside many others.

Who built Sitesauce?

👋 Hi! I'm Miguel Piedrafita, an 18-year-old maker. You can learn more about me on my website or on Twitter, where I regularly share Sitesauce updates.

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