Dropping support for Netlify

Posted on April 12th, 20201 min read

When building the first version of Sitesauce, Netlify was the only possible deployment target. After I managed to get that initial version working, I got contacted by the team at Vercel, who offered their help to integrate with their platform. Together, we came up with a much faster integration (achieved by running the build script on their servers).

Vercel also announced its new pricing three days ago, which includes a new, free-forever plan with unlimited bandwidth and builds. Meanwhile, Netlify's free pricing includes 100 GB of bandwidth each month and only 5 hours of build time, which should be more than enough for Sitesauce but still signal a limit to keep in mind if you use Sitesauce alongside other Netlify sites with longer builds.

I've been thinking about dropping Netlify support and focusing exclusively on Vercel for a while now, as it would significantly reduce the complexity of the codebase and allow me to move much faster, and doing it before Sitesauce is available to the public will make it much easier.

Starting today, you won't be able to create new Netlify sites on Sitesauce or deploy your existing Netlify sites. You can, however, migrate your existing Netlify sites to Vercel in one click from your site's page. This will not remove your site from Netlify so your site stays up while you migrate.

We understand this change might be annoying, but keep in mind you'll now be getting faster deployments, faster page loads thanks to Vercel's CDN and a much better Sitesauce experience out of the box.