Sitesauce is an Open Startup™, which means it operates fully transparent and shares its metrics, including revenue, costs, users, and traffic.

Last updated

Monthly recurring revenue (MRR)

~$660.16 with 35 paying customers & 2 trial users (ARR $7,921.92)

What is MRR?

MRR is calculated by summing the monthly-normalized amounts of all active subscriptions at that time. For example, an annual subscription for $1,200 only counts $100 towards your MRR. All our revenue metrics are calculated by Baremetrics.

Monthly recurring costs (MRC)

~$40.83 (ARC $489.98)

Domain name ~$1.5

Sitesauce owns the domain, which is registered with Porkbun.

Laravel Vapor $39

Sitesauce uses Laravel Vapor to run its code on AWS Lambda.

AWS ~$0.33

All our infrastructure, from servers to email, runs on Amazon Web Services. The above cost is an estimate calculated by Laravel Vapor for the last 30 days.


~$619.33 per month ($7,431.94 per year)

How is profit calculated?

The estimate shown here is calculated by subtracting the costs from the revenue.

Platform Metrics

Sitesauce has created 39295 deployments for 23209 different sites created. 447 users signed up to the waiting list while Sitesauce was on beta, but haven't created an account yet.

Pageviews in the last month

In the last month, we've had 1608 pageviews. You can see additional information on our public analytics dashboard, powered by Fathom Analytics.